Month: March 2008

  • Happy Friday NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

    I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am super duper duper duper excited! I am soooooo happy for them! They are going to be such wonderful parents!

    I am going to get to buy my neice/nephew the cutest stuff (you don't even know how many times I've come across things and said to myself "I wish my sister had a baby so I could get this" - now I can!)

    Ok so I know I'm about 3 months late on these, but what a great opportunity to catch up! I've had good intentions, though - just so you know. =)


    :: Mommy, sistar, & me before the walk down the aisle ::


    :: Jeff's few moments alone before the ceremony - his dad/best man is in the background ::


    :: My mom walked my sistar down the aisle and no matter how many times she told herself she wouldn't cry.. she did - the whole way.. so cute ::


    :: the cutie patootie flower girls ::


    :: the kiss ::


    :: the bridesmaids - sarah (jeff's sister), me, & ericka (yen's best friend) ::


    :: the wedding party - jeff had a best man & ushers ::


    :: gifts for the guests :


    :: sign in table - they had this really cool "wish tree" where everyone wrote a wish for them on it and hung it there for them ::


    :: oh so happy sister ::


    :: the BEAUTIFUL bride & groom ::


    :: friends & family greeting them ::


    :: they went the "non traditional" route and had a cupcake "cake"  - it was muy delicioso ::


    :: cookie bar ::




    :: gettin down! - i love this ::


    :: all the girls just watched as the bouquet flew by us - i guess no one wants to be "it!" ::




    :: me & THE men ::


    :: TEXAS represent! ::


    :: look at our lil driver - so cute ::


    :: my sister rolled up in a ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM ::


    :: the most beautiful Christmas house in all of VA is located right across the street from Jeff's parents house ::



    :: a beautiful ending to a beautiful night ::

  • last Rodeo day

    So today is the last day of Rodeo Houston. I didn't think I would enjoy working here as much as I have, but it's been fun. Both of our neighbors are extremely sweet and are the best neighbors anyone could ask for. Both of them are older couples (grandparents) and have so much love and advice to give. I love how easily I was able to bond with them. One of the booths was passing out information about Bandera, Texas (a place I must visit someday) - it's a REAL cowboy town! 


    The other neighbor sells purses made out of cowboy boots. You can either buy it already made or you can give them your old boots and they will make a purse out of the top part - creative I tell ya!


    Being here early in the morning has it's advantages. Today I got to see a SHEEPDOG trial (a competitive dog sport in which herding dog breeds move sheep around a field, fences, gates, or enclosures as directed by their handlers - take from - it was the coolest thing, I never even knew it existed!

    I took a picture of it with my camera phone so I could upload it right away to show you all.




    The past 3 weeks have been fun -- it's kinda sad it's come to an end. =(

    I'll miss my neighbors most - oh yeah.. and the turkey legs & other carnival food. =/



  • a person's a person no matter how small.


     Just got back from watching "Horton Hears a Who" with my Bdubb- I must say, it was a faithful adaptation of the book by Dr. Seuss. He would be proud.


    the cutest poem I found written by Manny the Movie Guy

    On the eighth day of March, in downtown L.A. "Horton Hears a Who!" premiered for a day.

    The audience loved it, the stars were there!

    The movie about Horton, they all seemed to care.

    In the 1950s, Dr. Seuss wrote a book.

    About an elephant who carefully listens, not just looks.

    A lesson I remembered before I learned to crawl.

    A person's a person, no matter how small!

    Jim Carrey plays Horton, a pachyderm on a mission.

    His gentle, big heart, has a caring ambition.

    He wants to save the small people of Whoville.

    Living in a small speck of dust, what an upheaval!

    But no one believes, Horton they don't trust!

    That people can live in a small speck of dust!

    "Humpf!" says the kangaroo, a person on that?

    "Why, I can crush them, with one gentle swat."

    Steve Carrell voices the Mayor of Whoville.

    Horton must protect them from a kangaroo who's evil.

    That kangaroo is voiced by Carol Burnett.

    A performance so great, you may never forget.

    It's a movie adaptation by a studio named Fox.

    From a director named Jimmy, who came with big stocks.

    Great Disney films, Jimmy Hayward has animated.

    With "Horton Hears a Who!," his magic translated.

    I love this fun movie, I'm sure you'll agree.

    You'll cry, you'll laugh, and you'll clap with glee.

    The story is endearing, the animation is superb.

    As we all wondered over the Who Horton heard.

    This film will thrill the small person in you.

    A great message you'll get, you'll remember it too.

    No matter how tall, no matter how small.

    A person's a person, most important of all.

    My poetry is harsh, Dr. Seuss I am not.

    But he inspired me to try, so this is all I got.

    The movie is great, so please stop the hisses.

    I fondly give the film, three and a half kisses!

  • been going through an emotional rollercoaster.  i don't even know who i am anymore.

    when it comes down to it, i really am alone.

  • Odette & Daniel's Wedding

    My pledge sister, Odette, got married to Daniel last weekend. They have been together for 10+ years. They had already been dating for a lil while back when we were 1st years in college! It's about time they tied the knot! =) 4 pledge sisters down, 5 more to go (btw - I WILL be last to get married)

    It was so wonderful seeing all the girls. Oh how I've missed them.


    :: Odette & Daniel ::


    :: Some of the Sigmas that attended the wedding - I know this is a bad picture, but it's all I have ::


    :: 7/9 of Pi Class - we missed you, Bee & Divya! ::


    :: My Omega big bro, Mitchell, who I haven't seen in YEARS! You should have seen the look of confusion on my face when I saw him walking down the aisle as one of the groomsmen.. I never knew him and Daniel were friends (ends up they became friends after college) :: 


    :: First dance as husband & wife ::


    :: Pauline & I - first time we've seen eachother since we left Japan ::


    :: the Beautiful Bride in her Chinese dress ::





    :: The guy in the air is the one that "caught" the garder, but as you can see - he obviously missed, hahaha ::



    :: the bride & me ::


    :: afterwards we went over to Baker Street near Willowbrook Mall to celebrate with the happy couple, Marg stopped by to see Michelle & I ::


    :: my bff ::


    :: roz, odette, melissa, & me ::

  • roma

    my friend's new single.

  • They say bad things happen in 3. I hope my dosage is over.

    My aunt was hospitalized a few days ago. She is better now - thank goodness. Good news is that I was able to go over to my cousin's house yesterday to take care of the kids while my cousin went to pick up my aunt from the hospital.

    When my cousin and I were younger, he used to always pick on me. It's cool to see how far we've come since those days.. He helped me out a lot when I was looking for a car, he found all these cars, went to look for them for me to see if they were good enough and then he even got the dealers to lower the prices. He drove ALL over town for me and sometimes I didn't even know.

    Yesterday in the pouring rain, he went outside to take a look at my car to make sure everything was running smoothly. He then went to fill up my gas tank, changed the oil, and ordered a part that is missing. On top of that, he left me 'emergency' money for one of those days when I just need it... 

    His kids are wonderful! They are so cute and so very good to eachother. I really hope I get to see them more often that I have been. I left their house last night with such a great feeling - spending time with them just made the world feel like a better place.

    DSC03760 DSC03777

    DSC03757 DSC03814



    oldest to youngest : Ronnie, Sean, & Stanson


  • Last week, I got this gig to be a "model" for a cookbook by Clive Berkman ( so I dragged Melissa, Anh, & Grady with me.. it was pretty fun!


    :: Clive was teaching us how to cook ::


    :: here he is being silly ::


    :: anh, me, & melissa ::


    :: the girls with the photographer & Grady ::



    :: today we had a mini Pi Class reunion (plus Amy) at Pappadeaux. Pauline is back in town for Odette's wedding this weekend and was craving crawfish - this is the biggest crawfish I've had in about 4 years!! ::


    :: if you're not from the south and you don't get to eat crawfish - poor you! ::


    :: FALL "99 !! ahhhh we're old =/ ::

  • assistant designer

    This is the reason I've had VERY little sleep in the past 2 months.




    go here for more pics.