June 29, 2009

  • Oh My!

    I haven't signed on in so long - I almost forgot my password. I used to love this place and had to sign on everyday, multiple times a day - what happened to me? Gone are the days of journaling and sharing my world experiences. I need to make a comeback.

    Hello - is anyone out there?

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  • I'm here!  i checked your site the other week to check the name of that cool museum near Mt Takao!!

  • im still around....but dont really write much on here anymore either

  • yes - please start up again!  i always really enjoyed your posts!!! :D

  • I'm here!  Would love to read about your world experiences, even though I myself am not writing...

  • I'm here...and man, it's been forever since I signed on!

  • Still here!! Just randomly popped in on a Friday night (embaressing to admit)... was so shocked and excited when I saw you among my updated subscriptions!!

    miss you!!

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