Month: August 2008

  • I know I have been SO bad at posting on here ever since I started my beauty/fashion blog, but since this blog is more about my personal life - I should be better at it.

    I am so behind on pictures - I don't even know where to start. So instead I'll post something random.

    Last night I went to see Dark Knight (it was really good btw - and Heath Ledger did an EXCELLENT job as the Joker) with my bf, Neal. It's not often that we get a free moment to spend time with just us so even though we were more focused on the movie than on eachother (as how it should be), it was still good being able to spend time with him (and hundreds of others in the theatre).

    He had to get there first to save seats. Even though the movie opened up a couple weeks ago, the lines are still long and tickets are still being sold out. I was running around doing some errands and had to stop by Target to get a few things so I picked up some Chex Mix (his favorite is the Chocolate Turtle one) - have you tried it? It's really good! While browsing around, I saw the Chex 100 Calorie bags in Chocolate Caramel - it sounded good so I bought some. Now I am HOOKED! I am going to stock up and bring them to Japan with me. hahaa

    He got seats smack in the middle of the theatre and had to walk in front of at least 12 people to come out and give me my ticket.. then we had to cross those same people to get back to our seats. Needless to say, they were pretty ticked off since we were blocking their view for a split second, but we did try apologize and ducking the whole way. Anyway, it's ok b/c I had a bag full of goodies.. aka:

                                 large_turtle                      100_choc


    PS. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my very special BDUBB. 08.08.08!!!! I miss you.