Month: April 2008

  • new do!

    A much needed day of pampering.. when I stepped out of the salon, I ran into a guy that looked at me and said "Wow - you got your hair and makeup done - it looks nice, Where are you headed tonight?" I looked at him and said "Nowhere."

    Sometimes you don't need a reason to feel pretty.

    IMG_2796 IMG_2829

    it's been awhile since I liked my hair turns out after a trip to the salon. thanks to the ladies at renee rae makeup studio: sandra & jennifer!


    then afterwards a night with the girls. <3

  • houston's japan fest

    In Japan, there were festivals almost every weekend - in Texas, not so much. You betcha I was super excited about the Japan Fest that was at Hermann Park a couple weeks ago! I knew it couldn't be that good, but I was excited about it anyway because being around anything Japanese makes me happy. =) It ended up being a BEAUTIFUL day out so although there wasn't craziness going on at the fest, our lil group managed to enjoy eachother's company in nature. It was wonderful seeing so many friends come out even though we all didn't get to hang out much.


    :: me, marg, & melissa ::



    :: lil ones playing ::


    :: thatguybehindthecam ::




    Ok so some of you might know I am not really a "dog person" - I mean it's not that I don't like them, just that I'm kinda scared of them. hahaa. Also I'm allergic to most dog hair. Then at the festival I saw THIS dog and man oh mannnnnnnnnnn.. he was the CUTEST thing EVERRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!! We saw him from afar and really wanted to take a pic of him, but we were a little shy (me, shy? I  know right!?) So our friend David stopped by to talk to the owners as he was leaving and told them that we wanted to take a picture of the dog. The owners were super sweet and walked by us so that we could play with what we call "THE LION DOG" Not only is he CUTE, but he also had the CUTEST personality!!! He was shy, too!! While we were all googoogaga-ing over him, he ran behind his owner and hid. =)




  • he will not get away with it...

    As I was sleeping peacefully this morning, my aunt runs into my room and says "Mylinh (my Vietnamese name) WAKE UP! Your mom is sick and needs you to pick her up from work!!!!" I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, and rushed out the door. I took my aunt with me in her car so that she could drive her car back while I drove my mom's car back home. My mom was dizzy and was feeling weak from throwing up so she couldn't drive.

    As we were pulling up to my neighborhood, we were stopped at the light. I was in the inner left lane and my aunt was in the lane next to me getting ready to turn. OUT OF NOWHERE this car comes SPEEDING down the street and HITS my aunt's car. The force was really hard - hard enough to damage both cars pretty badly. The guy then proceeded to back up, and TAKE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! He freaking did a HIT & RUN!!!!!! That bastard.

    The good news is - the first thing I think of when I see an accident is to get the license plate number and you betcha I remember that guys plates by heart. I kept repeating it to myself over and over and over until I was able to write it down. We also found out the lady that was working at the gas station at that corner was outside at the time of the accident and saw everything - she would be witness number 2.

    I called the police and they came about 2 hours later. By then we had managed to pull my aunt's car over into a parking lot so that it wouldn't cause traffic. Her muffler was dragging on the ground. So the police came, we made a police report - I gave him all the information I could remember. He ended up pulling up the license plate information and things seemed to match up - from the way I described the car to the race of the driver. The ambulance even came by to check out my aunt and mom to make sure everything was ok.

    The tow truck came and towed the car to a shop down the street. We called my aunt's insurance, gave them all the information we knew and then headed over to a chiropractor. The chiropractor got some information and tomorrow my aunt and mom will go back for an xray and some treatment. They will also go see a doctor.

    On the way back to the car shop, the police called me and told me GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! He went over to the guys house and found the car. The guy tried to hide it in the garage without anyone knowing. When the police came, the dad was home and he had no clue what his son did (the son was away at school). The police didn't see the car parked outside so he asked to look in the garage. He found the damaged car (his whole bumper was falling off) and the car was exactly how I described it. He gave me all the insurance information and said that he will go find the guy tomorrow. He's going to get what he deserves. Little did he know that he would get caught. He didn't know who he was messing with! =/

    Although it really sucks that all this happened, we THANK GOD that

    1) My mom and aunt are ok.

    2) I remembered to get the guy's license plate.

    3) We had a witness other than a family member who is willing to testify if it comes down to it.

    4) The police officer was wonderful and went to follow up on our case and FOUND the hit & run guy.

    So just remember - if ever you get into an accident - the first thing you should ALWAYS do is WRITE DOWN THE LICENSE PLATE NUMBER!!!! It is very important - it doesn't matter if you don't remember much else. As long as you have that - somehow, someway - the guilty person will get what they deserve.

    PS. Although its not really funny, my mom, aunt, and I were able to laugh at the fact that we went to pick up my mom because she wasn't feeling well and she came home feeling worse than she did before. =/

    UPDATE: Yesterday I ended up taking my mom and aunt to the ER because my aunt was throwing up a lot the night before and they were both having a lot of pain. The doctor there said they were ok, thank God! While I was in the ER - the police called me and told me GREAT NEWS! He ARRESTED THE GUY AND THREW HIM IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I feel like this happened on behalf of all the people who have ever been involved in a hit and run!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! Good people can win in the end!!!! =)