Month: February 2008

  • sigma reunion

    this past weekend we all went to freeport for odette's bachelorette party.. it was so wonderful seeing the girls after all these years.. we have shared so many memories together and even though our lives are all different now.. it's good to know we all still share a common bond. love you, ladies!


  • love

    so today is valentine's day.. and instead of feeling sorry for myself for not having a valentine for the 25th year.. (i've only had a valentine once in my life and that was ages ago) i decided to go out there and do something good for someone else.

    i went to volunteer at a women's shelter. i met women who have been abused and mistreated (to say the least) .. these women stood up for themselves.. realized that they were better than this.. they didn't deserve it.. and found a way to leave..  i wouldnt have wanted it any other way than to spend my valentine's day with them.

    there was an event there called "Pretty For Me".. there were people there doing hair, makeup, and nails.. some say these things are all superficial.. esp. makeup.. but you know what? i like it.. i like making people feel good about themselves.. and if makeup will do that.. then so be it.. that's life.. when these women looked in the mirror after i applied their makeup.. you should have seen their faces.. they were soooo happy.. they told me that they had little self esteem after being put in the shelter.. and that being pampered for the day.. it made them feel good about themselves.. even though i could only help for this one day.. it's one day of them being able to look at themselves and know that they are beautiful.. and maybe this one day will make them realize that they are worth it.. that they deserve to be pampered.. that they deserve a second chance.. that they should never listen to a "man" that will try to tell them otherwise..

    it was extremely hard for me to be there.. because i dont know what it's like to be in their situation.. to have to give up everything and trust that there are good people out there that will help you get back on your feet.. can you imagine how much these women have been through? some of them came to me and the hurt they were feeling was written on their face.. my goal was to make them smile.. i didnt know if i could do it.. or how i would do it.. but with God's grace.. i was able to.. even if it was just asking them to smile so i could apply blush.. =)

    i may not have a boyfriend.. and i may be lonely.. but at least i dont have someone who is beating up on me..and now these women don't either.. they took a stand..  i know these women will come out better and stronger.. they so deserve it. they are my heroes.

    happy valentine's day.

  • i keep wanting to update.. but life has been too crazy..

    miss you, xanga.

    i'll be back soon.

    happy lunar new year!